WhiteBIT Card [EU]

#17 (out of 35) in Crypto Cards
#12 (out of 25) in Crypto Cards for Europe
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Company Strength
Fee Structure
Customer Service
  • Fantastic Crypto to Fiat Exchange rates
  • WhiteBIT is a well-known exchange
  • Virtual-only card, so no ATM withdrawals
  • Poor customer service
Visa or MC
Debit or Credit

Debit Card

Denominated In€ EUR
Apple PayEnabled
Monthly Fee

2.30 EUR

Monthly Inactivity Fee

0.00 EUR

Foreign Exchange Fee


Crypto to Fiat Crypto->Fiat Conversion Fee




Daily Spending Limit

2,750 EUR

Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit

1,350 EUR

Crypto to Fiat Conversion

Manual when Preloading

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Supported CryptocurrenciesShow All (275)
Your WhiteBIT Card: virtual-only, offering low-fee crypto to fiat conversions.

Your WhiteBIT Card: virtual-only, offering low-fee crypto to fiat conversions.

WhiteBIT Card Benefits and Rewards – for Europe

WhiteBIT does not offer any cashback rewards or any additional benefits for using the card yet but is planning to offer them later on.

WhiteBIT Card is a Debit Card

Before you can use your WhiteBIT Card, you will need to top-up your account. This means you will have to convert your crypto in advance, exchanging it to real-life currency and moving it to the card account, to make it available for spending.

It's Issued Solely in Virtual Form, Lacking a Physical Version

WhiteBIT Card is available solely in virtual format, unlike 50% of crypto cards offering both physical and virtual versions. This means you cannot use it for ATM withdrawals, or at places like car rental companies or hotels that require a physical card for security deposit and identity verification. The virtual card will be issued to you instantly after you complete the KYC Identity Verification.

Wondering about the pros and cons of virtual-only format? Here are some highlights:

No Physical Card
Virtual Card
No ATM WithdrawalsInstantly Available, No Waiting for Mail
No Card when Hotels or Car Rentals Require itIdeal for Online Purchases
No Card When Phone Dies or no InternetEnvironmentally Friendly
No Feel-Good Backup Payment MethodNo Tangible Item to Misplace

Useful:Since WhiteBIT Card supports Apple Pay, you can still use this card in real life, to pay for everyday purchases.

How Does WhiteBIT Card Compare to Other Crypto Cards?

WhiteBIT Card ranks #12 out of 25 amongst similar crypto cards. This card is a solid choice among the many crypto cards available, offering competitive features and benefits.

While we have a total of 35 cards listed in our Crypto Cards category, only 24 are comparable to WhiteBIT Card [EU], since they are available for customers in the same geographical region.

Strongest Features Against Competitors

Here are the strongest features of WhiteBIT Card against its 24 competitors :

  • Offers Apple Pay (while 40% of competing crypto cards don't).
  • Has a Foreign Exchange Fee of 0% (other cards have 1.5% average).
  • Provides a substantial ATM widthdrawal allowance of 1,350 EUR per day (average amongst other cards is only 1,000 EUR).
  • Supports 275 cryptocurrencies (while other cards support an average of 20).

Weakest Features Against Competitors

Compared to its 24 competitors, here are the shortcomings of WhiteBIT Card:

  • Doesn't offer any cashback (while other cards give an average of 5%).
  • Daily spend is capped at 2,750 EUR (while other cards offer 11,000 EUR daily spend limit on average).
  • Requires preconversion of crypto to load the card (while 40% of competitors auto-convert on every purchase).
  • Only available in virtual format (while 50% of competing crypto cards offer both physical and virtual cards).
  • WhiteBIT Card [EU] vs. Plutus Card vs. Nexo Card

    WhiteBIT Card
    Plutus Card
    Nexo Card
    Monthly Fee 2.30 EUR 0.00 EUR 0.00 EUR
    Foreign Exchange Fee 0% 2.5% 0.5%
    Crypto to Fiat Fee 0.10% 2.5% 0.0%
    Highest Cashback None up to 9% up to 2%
    Entry-Level Cashback None 3% 0.5%
    Daily Spending Limit 2,750 EUR 2,500 EUR 10,000 EUR
    Daily ATM Limit 1,350 EUR 300 EUR 2,000 EUR
    Availability for United States flagUnited States
    Supported Cryptocurrencies 275 2 64
    Apple Pay Enabled Not Enabled Enabled
    Customer Service Average Great Great
    Company Strength Strong Strong Strong

    If you plan to use your card for daily purchases, then daily spending limit is an important consideration for you. Nexo Card offers the highest daily spending limit of 10,000 EUR. You will get lower daily limits with WhiteBIT Card and Plutus Card.

    Cashback rewards are a great way to earn back some of the money you spend on your card and is an important consideration as well. Out of the three, Plutus Card offers the best cashback rewards of up to 9%. The cashback rewards for Nexo Card are not as high. With WhiteBIT Card, you will have no cashback rewards at all.

    To make a good choice, look through all features, as it is an individual choice. If you will mostly do online transactions with this card, then Apple Pay availability may not be a very important feature for you. If you travel a lot, foreign exchange rate will matter. And so on.

We Tested WhiteBIT's Customer Support

We asked WhiteBIT's customer support different questions, and then rated their responses to evaluate how good their support is.

Why should you Care:When you'll have a money-related question, like a missing deposit or being overcharged - having good support at that moment will be crucial for you.

WhiteBIT offers support via the following channels:

Web Formhttps://help.whitebit.com/hc/en-gb/requests/new

Location: WhiteBIT customer service reps are located in Ukraine flagUkraine and Spain flagSpain.¹

Support Channel Our Interaction Score
(replied in
15 min)
Quickly answered the question, provided additional reassurance in regards of card security.
High Competence
Not Personalized
Adequate English, Professional Tone
Web Form
(replied in
17 min)
Didn't answer the question. Provided a link which didn't answer the question as well.
Low Competence
Not Personalized
Adequate English, Professional Tone
Web Form
(replied in
19 min)
Didn't answer the questions asked in regards to contactless ATMs.
Low Competence
Not Personalized
Adequate English, Professional Tone
(replied in
2 min)
Took a long time to 'lookup' the problem, and still couldn't answer the question. We contacted PayUnicard directly instead, and received the answer immediately.
Low Competence
Somewhat Personalized
Adequate English, Professional Tone
(replied in
1 min)
Quickly answered a simple question, with friendly tone. They seem to have active always-online Telegram admins.
High Competence
Not Personalized
Adequate English, Professional Tone

To summarize,

Competence and Problem-Solving: WhiteBIT's customer service lacks in competence, often providing unhelpful responses, which is a red flag.

Customer Love: You will not get addressed by name and answers to your questions will be generic. WhiteBIT's customer support agents do not make an effort to personalize their replies.

Reply Speed: They respond remarkably quickly, with most of their replies coming within an average of 11 minutes, significantly saving your time.

Overall Customer Service Rating: 5.9/10

With this score, WhiteBIT's Customer Service is poor, comparing to other crypto cards, which score an average of 7.1/10.

Is WhiteBIT Card Available for Residents of United States?

No, WhiteBIT Card is not available for residents of United States.

WhiteBIT Card [EU] supports the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, United Kingdom.

To see our list of available crypto cards for United States, see this list. There are currently 5 cards listed there.

You may also be interested in this article: Crypto Cards for USA: The Best Options for Americans.

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