Ledger Affiliate Program

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Commission Structure
Affiliate Resources
  • Allows specific URLs as links, just append your ref parameter
  • Nice Affiliate resources - sample content ideas, marketing assets, banners
  • Paid traffic or Coupon Sites are not allowed
Commission Structure

10% of sales

Commission Term


Cookie Duration

30 Days

Payment Frequency


Payment Currency


Payment Methods

BTC Wallet Deposit

Minimum Payment

50 EUR

Deep Linking



Not Supported

Affiliate Management SoftwareCustom-Built System
Conversion Tracking Pixel

Not Supported

Affiliate Agreement Summary

  1. Ledger’s Affiliate Program rewards promotion of its products, subject to terms and conditions.
  2. Joining requires an account, a Bitcoin address for rewards, and acceptance of terms.
  3. Affiliates must disclose traffic sources, provide necessary documents, and meet validation thresholds.
  4. Affiliates receive a 10% of final sales price from each qualified affiliation.
  5. Eligibility requires being 18 years or older, providing accurate personal information, and adhering to all laws.
  6. Misuse of the Affiliate Program, like typo-squatting or keyword misuse, is prohibited.
  7. Strict guidelines govern the use of Ledger’s trademarks, links, and materials. Intellectual property rights remain with Ledger.
  8. Affiliates can’t use Ledger’s links on inappropriate sites, spam, or deceptive content.
  9. Email campaigns require recipient opt-in, clear unsubscribe instructions, and affiliate email disclosure.
  10. Affiliates are barred from using automation, bots, or scripts to place Ledger’s links.
  11. Paid ads, search engines, adware/malware, couponing, and cashback sites can’t be used to display affiliate links.
  12. Malicious use of affiliate links, such as generating fake traffic or purchasing products for discounts, is forbidden.
  13. Affiliates must avoid targeting sanctioned countries or individuals and provide accurate personal and Bitcoin address details.
Paulina Masson

Paulina Masson

Paulina has a strong background in finance and cryptocurrency. She's been involved with crypto since its early days and has observed its progression over the years. Notably, she possesses expertise in various crypto products, having personally tested and evaluated many of them. In her spare time, she is developing a crypto bot designed to automatically trade on short timeframes.

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