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  • Popular mobile app with many users
  • Supports Subaffiliates
  • Unpolished-looking web landing page
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Commission Structure

5-30% profit share

Commission Term


Cookie Duration

One Session

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Payment Methods

HyperPay Account Deposit

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Deep Linking

Not Supported



Subaffiliate Commissions


Affiliate Management SoftwareCustom-Built System
Conversion Tracking Pixel

Not Supported

Affiliate Agreement Summary

  1. As a HyperCard Affiliate, you receive commission rewards every time your referred user activates their card, recharges, or engages in a contract transaction.
  2. Referred users can be invited through various means: sharing invitation links, utilizing personal invitation codes, or disseminating posters.
  3. Once an affiliate has completed currency transactions totaling up to 3000 HBT, they are awarded 5000 HBT, while their referred user gets a hefty 2000 HBT reward.
  4. The highest possible rebate from first-class referred users stands at 30%, whereas for second-class referred users, it’s capped at 8%.
  5. Every wealth management product has its own rebate ratio, and these can be explored in the designated ‘partner’ section.
  6. The HyperPay platform remains vigilant and will actively monitor any false account activities or cheating attempts.
    Achieving the Gold level requires either: having referred users numbering 300 or more, using coupon codes 500 times or more, or amassing a total rebate greater than 2000 USDT. The benefits that come with this are a gold-level coupon and a rebate rate of 15%.
  7. The Silver level is characterized by having between 50 to 299 referred users, using coupon codes between 100 to 499 times, and a total rebate ranging from 500 to 2000 USDT. Silver affiliates are entitled to a 10% rebate rate.
  8. The Bronze level is for those with less than 50 referred users, coupon code usage under 100 times, and total rebate less than 500 USDT. Their benefits include a bronze-level coupon and a 5% rebate rate.
  9. It may take between 7 to 15 working days for an affiliate’s rebate to undergo a review process and subsequently get issued to their account.
  10. Users who are at the V0 level won’t be eligible for any rebate or commission benefits associated with HyperCard.
  11. All rebate and commission amounts will be converted and duly issued in the form of HBT.
  12. The sign-up bonus for users is calculated based on multiple factors: the type of card they’ve signed up for, the fee (inclusive of postage) that’s been paid, and the user’s existing level. This amount is credited once the card is activated.
Paulina Masson

Paulina Masson

Paulina has a strong background in finance and cryptocurrency. She's been involved with crypto since its early days and has observed its progression over the years. Notably, she possesses expertise in various crypto products, having personally tested and evaluated many of them. In her spare time, she is developing a crypto bot designed to automatically trade on short timeframes.

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