Sports Team Fan Tokens

Tokens associated with sports teams and their fan communities. Sports team fan tokens represent membership in a team’s fan club and can provide fans with benefits such as exclusive content, merchandise discounts, and voting rights on team decisions.

What is ATM? It's a digital token for Atletico Madrid fans, granting participation in club decisions, access to exclusive rewards, and lifelong connection.

What is ASR? It's the official AS Roma Fan Token by, enabling fans to interact with their favorite team, influence decisions, and access exclusive rewards.

What is BAR? It's a digital token for FC Barcelona fans, offering participation in club decisions, VIP experiences, and exclusive perks through app.

Name: City CoinSymbol: CITYCompany: SociosFounded: 2021Country: United KingdomFounders: N/A Description What is CITY? City Coin is a fan token that connects Manchester City Football Club's most loyal supporters to the team they adore. In a world where ...

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