Gaming (GameFi) Tokens

Tokens associated with blockchain-based gaming platforms and applications. Gaming tokens often represent in-game assets or currencies and can be used to purchase virtual goods or services within the game.

What is AGLD? An Ethereum-based token tied to Loot Project's NFTs, distributed initially to Loot NFT owners, and speculated for unique digital economy roles.

What is ALICE? It's the native token of My Neighbor Alice, a game offering an ecosystem for narrative gameplay and blockchain features, plus in-game governance.

What is BNX? It's a token associated with BinaryX, a cryptocurrency gaming platform known for hosting a popular Play-to-Earn game called CyberDragon and used as an in-game currency.

What is AXS? It's a cryptocurrency token tied to Axie Infinity, a game where players earn, trade, and stake AXS through in-game interactions and achievements.

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