Decentralized Storage Tokens

Tokens associated with decentralized storage platforms and protocols. These platforms allow users to store data in a decentralized manner, using blockchain technology.

What is BTT? BitTorrent Token is a cryptocurrency introduced to improve the BitTorrent protocol by allowing users to earn tokens for sharing files and bandwidth.

What is BLZ? It's a decentralized data storage system leveraging NoSQL and sharding for efficient, scalable database services via a producer-consumer model.

What is ANKR? It's a platform connecting developers with nodes for easy Web3 access, offering robust decentralized infrastructure and rewarding token system.

What is ALEPH? It's a layer-2 network enhancing dApps by improving storage, computation servers, security, and enabling cross-blockchain communication.

What is AZERO? It's a secure public blockchain emphasizing privacy with a unique consensus protocol, private smart contracts, and a decentralized exchange.

What is AUDIO? It's a decentralized protocol empowering artists to directly distribute music and earn from fans via blockchain technology and unique encryption.

What is AKT? It's the native token of Akash Network, facilitating a secure, decentralized marketplace for utilizing idle computing resources.

What is AIOZ? It's a blockchain that empowers a decentralized content delivery network, enabling users to share resources for streaming, and earn tokens.

What is AR? Arweave is a protocol offering durable data storage on the blockchain, using a unique blockweave structure to sustain large data amounts.

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