Decentralized Application (dApp) Tokens

Tokens associated with decentralized applications (dApps). A dApp is an application that runs on a decentralized blockchain and is typically open-source and operates autonomously.

What is BTT? BitTorrent Token is a cryptocurrency introduced to improve the BitTorrent protocol by allowing users to earn tokens for sharing files and bandwidth.

What is AUCTION? It's Bounce Finance's platform token, facilitating decentralized auctions, offering governance voting rights, and generating staking rewards.

What is BTRST? It's the native token of Braintrust, a decentralized talent network utilizing blockchain technology to create a user-governed marketplace for talent.

What is BLZ? It's a decentralized data storage system leveraging NoSQL and sharding for efficient, scalable database services via a producer-consumer model.

What is ANKR? It's a platform connecting developers with nodes for easy Web3 access, offering robust decentralized infrastructure and rewarding token system.

What is AVAX? A versatile blockchain platform designed for broad user base, allowing the creation of unique Dapps, smart assets, and interoperable blockchains.

What is AXL? Axelar is a system designed to improve communication between different blockchain platforms, offering a suite of protocols for seamless cross-chain interactions.

What is AURORA? It's a digital token within the Aurora project, simplifying Ethereum application creation and fostering interactive services in a unified ecosystem.

What is ALEPH? It's a layer-2 network enhancing dApps by improving storage, computation servers, security, and enabling cross-blockchain communication.

What is API3? It's a project creating decentralized APIs (dAPIs) using first-party oracles to ensure secure and cost-effective delivery of web services to the blockchain.

What is APT? Aptos is a secure blockchain system addressing scalability, safety, and upgrade issues. It's optimized for decentralized applications and fast transactions.

What is ATA? It's a protocol enhancing privacy and computational efficiency in decentralized applications, using advanced technology to secure data and patterns.

What is ASTR? It's a utility token in the Astar Network, a Japanese smart contract platform, enabling dApp staking, transactions, and on-chain governance.

What is ANT? Aragon is an Ethereum-based system for creating and managing decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) with smart contracts and Aragon Court.

What is BNB? It's the native token of Binance exchange, used for transaction fees, token sales, and dApps on Binance Smart Chain, with Ethereum compatibility.

What is ALGO? It's an efficient, democratic public ledger system using algorithmic randomness for verifier selection and preventing forking, thus ensuring ledger reliability.

What is ASM? It's a blockchain-based platform for efficient management and utilization of reward points with increased flexibility and fewer restrictions.

What is AVT? It's the primary currency of Aventus Network, a scalable and interoperable Layer-2 solution for Ethereum, designed for efficient transactions.

What is AVA? It's a digital asset for, a travel booking platform, used for payments, earning rewards, and contributing to platform growth.

What is ARB? It's the governance token for Arbitrum DAO, empowering holders to shape the future of Arbitrum protocols via voting or delegation.

What is BICO? It's a cross-chain solution that enables communication between blockchains, simplifies transactions and empowers dApp integration.

What is AR? Arweave is a protocol offering durable data storage on the blockchain, using a unique blockweave structure to sustain large data amounts.

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