Content Monetization Tokens

Tokens associated with platforms and protocols that aim to enable content creators to monetize their content in a decentralized manner.

What is ACS? Access Protocol (ACS) enables seamless content access using blockchain and ACS tokens, benefiting creators and users.

What is BAT? It's a cryptocurrency tied to Brave web browser, focused on improving online advertising by rewarding user engagement and ensuring privacy.

What is BTT? BitTorrent Token is a cryptocurrency introduced to improve the BitTorrent protocol by allowing users to earn tokens for sharing files and bandwidth.

What is AUDIO? It's a decentralized protocol empowering artists to directly distribute music and earn from fans via blockchain technology and unique encryption.

What is ASM? It's a blockchain-based platform for efficient management and utilization of reward points with increased flexibility and fewer restrictions.

What is AVA? It's a digital asset for, a travel booking platform, used for payments, earning rewards, and contributing to platform growth.

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