Blockchain Platform Tokens

Tokens associated with blockchain platforms. A blockchain platform is a type of software that allows developers to build and deploy their own blockchain-based applications.

What is ADA? It's a scalable, interoperable, and sustainable blockchain platform with unique two-layered architecture and energy-efficient PoS consensus.

What is BTC? Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that relies on blockchain technology and allows direct peer-to-peer transactions without a trusted third party.

What is AVAX? A versatile blockchain platform designed for broad user base, allowing the creation of unique Dapps, smart assets, and interoperable blockchains.

What is AURORA? It's a digital token within the Aurora project, simplifying Ethereum application creation and fostering interactive services in a unified ecosystem.

What is BNT? It's a digital asset enabling automatic price determination and liquidity for tokens in the Bancor Network via Smart Tokens.

What is APT? Aptos is a secure blockchain system addressing scalability, safety, and upgrade issues. It's optimized for decentralized applications and fast transactions.

What is ASTR? It's a utility token in the Astar Network, a Japanese smart contract platform, enabling dApp staking, transactions, and on-chain governance.

What is AKT? It's the native token of Akash Network, facilitating a secure, decentralized marketplace for utilizing idle computing resources.

What is AGIX? It's a decentralized AI marketplace, powered by AGIX tokens, featuring smart contracts, staking mechanisms, and a robust Reputation System.

What is ABT? ArcBlock (ABT) is a blockchain platform for dApp development, leveraging interoperability, cloud nodes, and a staking model to secure its network.

What is ALGO? It's an efficient, democratic public ledger system using algorithmic randomness for verifier selection and preventing forking, thus ensuring ledger reliability.

What is AVT? It's the primary currency of Aventus Network, a scalable and interoperable Layer-2 solution for Ethereum, designed for efficient transactions.

What is AERGO? Aergo is a hybrid blockchain platform designed for enterprise solutions, featuring secure smart contracts, and a global public network.

What is AR? Arweave is a protocol offering durable data storage on the blockchain, using a unique blockweave structure to sustain large data amounts.

What is BAND? It's a bridge between smart contracts and real-world data, emphasizing speed, scalability, cross-chain interoperability, and flexible data handling.

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